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Semi-precious Gemstone

Necklaces, Pendants and Bracelets

Every one of my necklaces is an original. In in fact all of my work is one design at a time. I carry no others artist's work.

Various stone colors and shapes are used to make each necklace unique.

I often receive great feedback from customers regarding my designs, which I always appreciate. I also do custom design.




Sea Glassica Collection

My latest discovery guided me to the beaches by my home in Northern California and the abundant sea glass that I uncovered on my walks along the coast.

I believe I have perfectly captured the re-purposed beauty of the long forgotten glass, which has been wonderfully cured for decades by the rising and falling of the ocean waves over time.

Each piece has been carefully chosen to reflect the origin of the glass, so identified through its color and history. 

Eco Glasicca Collection

I've stumbled upon and mostly by accident a beautiful art form that has been buried beneath the surface for upwards of 80 years.

These pieces of broken glass are symbols of an era long gone and yet, I am able to bring them back as a reminder of another place in time.

I call this collection the Eco-Glassica Collection. You will find the feel
and density of the pendants to be very substantial with an energy  all its own.





Origami crane bird earrings

I use beautiful, colorful Japanese WASHI paper to create these gorgeous earrings and add fresh water pearls to each for balance and beauty.

These are water proof and very durble. If you would like a gold earring hook instead of silver or visa versa, please note that during checkout.